Daniel Schnyder. composer. saxophonist.

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Piano Music (Daniel Schnyder)

Daniel Schnyder
Piano Music

A Bandcamp-exclusive instrument / ensemble specific collection containing piano music.

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#1274 ad aeternam (6’)
written for my friend Daniel Pezzotti. scored for Violoncello and Piano as recorded by Christoph Croisé and Alexander Panfilov (exists in a version for viola and piano)
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#1272 Die Teufelsbrücke (The Devil’s Bridge) (16’)
Piano Trio (violin/violoncello/piano)
The piece is about the tale behind a famous bridge in Switzerland (written for the Swiss Piano Trio and premiered in Andermatt CH)
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#1032 Donne Variations (6’)
Solo piano, as recorded by Roland Raphael and V. Sendecki
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#1293 IRON TETRAPOD (4’)
Brass Quartet (2tp/tb/cor) or 2oboes/bassoon/piano or harpsichord or piano quartet (V/ Viola/ vc/ piano)
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#1066 Piano Concerto (22’)
For string orchestra, as recorded by Kenny Drew, Jr. on "Songbook" (CCnC Records)
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#1175 TNT (9’)
Toccata and Tango; Short Fuse for piano solo
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#1162 Triple Concerto for tb, tp and piano plus orch. (22’)
Adaption of the Triple Concerto for v/vc/p
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#1137 Worlds Beyond (5 movements) (20’)
For Piano and SS (or cl, oboe) and Basstrombone (or vc, bassoon) I Worlds Beyond
II Blues For Schubert
III Chase
IV Afterthought
V We Should Know Better
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