Daniel Schnyder. composer. saxophonist.

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Music for String Instruments (Daniel Schnyder)

Daniel Schnyder
Music for String Instruments

A Bandcamp-exclusive instrument / ensemble specific collection containing music for string instruments.

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#1249 Agitata da due venti (’)
arr Vivaldi for String Quartet and ss, tp or cl (orchestral arrangement also available)
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#1008 Alone Together (14’)
Septet for harp / cl / fl / vc /v / viola / bass; as recorded by Ensemble Contrast
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#1306 BBBB Beethoven’s Big Birthday Bash (8’)
fl or cl or ss,violin,viola and vc
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#1317 Beethoven in Manhattan (String Quartet 6) (10’)
String Quartet
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#1016 Blanton for string orchestra (3’) request rent
#1154 str. 4tet no 4: GREAT PLACES (14’)
string quartet
– Shanghai 1928
– Havana 1952
– Paris 1901
– Casablanca 1933
– New York City 1964
Check it out!!: play MP3 via www.amarquartett.ch
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