Daniel Schnyder. composer. saxophonist.

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Händel in Harlem (Daniel Schnyder)

Daniel Schnyder
Händel in Harlem

Daniel Schnyder, sax, fl Stefan Schulz, b-tb Mark Feldman, vln Recorded in February 2012 by Joseph Marciano Mastered by Max Ross at System 2, Brooklyn, NY ? + © 2012 Marsyas, a division of Enja Records

MAR-1810 2

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#1233 Haendel in Harlem (3’)
Composition for violin , soprano sax, (cl), vc or Btb
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#1234 Haendel Trio Sonatas for BTB, Sax and Violin (30’)
Haendel Sonatas in F opus 5/Sonata in e opus 5/Sonata D opus 5
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#1241 Haendel Trio Sonatas for vc or bsn/ violin/ and soprano sax or cl (40’)
Haendel Trio Sonatas NEW revisited
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