Daniel Schnyder. composer. saxophonist.

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Colossus of Sound (Daniel Schnyder)

Daniel Schnyder
Colossus of Sound

NDR Radio Philharmonic Orchestra dir. by Kristjan Järvi, Kathrin Rabus, vl, Reinhold Friedrich, tp, flh, Daniel Schnyder comp. ENJ-9460 2

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#1004 African Fanfare (3’)
as recorded by NDR/Järvi on "Colossus of Sound" (Enja)
large orchestra
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#1110 Symphony 4 (Colossus of Sound) (22’)
commissioned by the Tonhalle Zurich / David Zinman; recorded on "Colossus of Sound" (Enja Records). Score for sale at Kunzelmann
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#1123 Trumpet Concerto (20’)
for chamber orchestra, piano reduction available; as premiered by Jürg Schneider / Marc Tardue cond. and recorded by Reinhold Friedrich / Järvi / NDR Symph. on "Colossus of Sound" (Enja Rec.)
NEW: Piano reduction now available!
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#1130 Violin Concerto (22’)
for chamber orchestra, as premiered by Nora Chastain / Marc Tardue; recorded by Kathrin Rabus, K. Järvi on "Colossus of Sound" (Enja Rec.)
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